Reinforcement and punishment in applied behavior analysis

التعزيز والعقاب في تحليل السلوك التطبيقي

Reinforcement and punishment in applied behavior analysis

What is the difference between reinforcement and punishment?

Reducing the likelihood of the behavior occurring in the future

Increase the likelihood that the behavior will occur in the future

Positive punishment

Positive reinforcement

Add something

Negative punishment

Negative reinforcement

Remove something

Here are some examples of reinforcement and punishment in real life

When the alarm goes off in the morning and you press the snooze button to get rid of the disturbance, the possibility of pressing the button again in the future increases. Here is negative reinforcement and negative reinforcement is Removing something to increase a behavior or eliminating a behavior by removing something.

Also, if the dog suffers from a toothache and barks very strongly and is given medicine to eliminate the pain and stop barking, giving the medicine here to eliminate the barking is a positive punishment.

An illustrative example of a behavioral problem involving reinforcement and punishment strategies in applied behavior analysis

If the child Ahmed’s behavior is screaming loudly while sitting on the iPad and constantly putting some things in his mouth, This behavior will affect his friendship formation.

Based on the strategy of reinforcement and punishment, some of the following steps can be taken in the example mentioned above:

1- When the child puts his hand down while watching the iPad, additional time should be provided on the iPad, and this is considered (positive reinforcement).

2- Taking the iPad from the child when he is screaming is considered (negative reinforcement).

3- Yelling at the child when he engages in the behavior (using this method is not recommended) and it is considered a (positive punishment). Yelling here will only reduce the occurrence of the behavior in the future.

4- Chewing gum or some lollipop while watching the iPad (positive reinforcement for an alternative behavior to the behavioral problem).


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