Rumors about applied behavior analysis

Rumors About Applied Behavior Analysis

Rumors about applied behavior analysis

translation: a. Manar Al-Zahrani

Although applied behavior analysis has been around for five decades, It has been proven to be an effective method for helping individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disorders deal with unwanted behaviors. Except that there are many misconceptions revolving around applied behavior analysis.

Therefore, it is important to clarify and correct misinformation. So that it does not become an obstacle for individuals who need applied behavior analysis services.

The first rumor: Science does not support applied behavior analysis

Many studies have proven that applied behavior analysis is an effective intervention for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disorders. Both the US Surgeon General and the American Psychological Association have stated, Applied Behavior Analysis is a scientifically proven best practice with children and adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disorders. Many studies have indicated that when the applied behavior analysis approach is continued for a period of up to one to three years, an improvement in their academic, social, and linguistic performance may be observed.

The second rumor: Applied behavior analysis is effective only with children with autism spectrum disorder

Applied Behavior Analysis is an effective intervention to help individuals with disabilities, including individuals with traumatic brain injuries, It is also used in many fields such as education, and sports psychology, health and fitness, And substance addiction disorder.

Applied Behavior Analysis can be effective in improving many conditions, His studies are based on human behavior and how our brains deal with different stimuli.

The goal of applied behavior analysis is to teach individuals new skills through positive reinforcement, which can be effective for any individual in need of behavioral interventions, not just individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

The third rumor: Applied Behavior Analysis encourages bribery of children

Some people sometimes get confused between the concepts of bribery and positive reinforcement. The difference between them is that positive reinforcement provides the reinforcer after the positive behavior in order to increase the probability of it being repeated in the future. In applied behavior analysis, reinforcement is viewed as an outcome, Or the thing that happens immediately after the behavior.

While bribery is associated with negative behavior, It occurs before behavior, as there is a big difference between, “If you are quiet during story time, I will give you a cookie,” and, “You did a good job of listening during story time.” You can now have five minutes of free time.

Fourth rumor: Anyone who can offer an applied behavior analysis approach

Although it is true that anyone can use applied behavior analysis concepts, However, persons who have accreditation, They are authorized to provide applied behavior analysis services. To be a service provider in applied behavior analysis, You must be a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA), or Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). Accreditation can be obtained after completing all requirements in the eligibility requirements in the place where the person will provide applied behavior analysis services.

Fifth rumor: Applied Behavior Analysis encourages punishing children

The basis of applied behavior analysis is to reward positive behavior. Not punishing undesirable behaviour, Although punishment was a common practice in the late 1950s, However, advances in research have shown that punishment is not the most effective measure for correcting a behavioral problem.

The sixth rumor: Applied Behavior Analysis only addresses behavioral problems

When we think about behavioral problems, Negative behaviors such as tantrums, hitting, or screaming come to our minds. But in applied behavior analysis, behavior means any action carried out by an individual.

Therefore, although applied behavior analysis intervenes in reducing negative problems, it also enhances daily living and social skills.

The seventh rumor: Applied behavior analysis cures autism spectrum disorder

There is no cure yet for autism spectrum disorder. Applied Behavior Analysis aims to help children and adults with autism spectrum disorder face challenges, And learn independence skills. Applied Behavior Analysis is a powerful intervention to improve communication and social skills. self care, Its goal is not to cure autism spectrum disorder.

Recent research has shown a focus on early intervention rather than finding a cure for autism spectrum disorder. Some people believe that trying to treat autism spectrum disorder means getting rid of their personality. In contrast, applied behavior analysis provides effective intervention and strategies to help individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disorders become more independent and successful in life.


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