Symptoms of autism spectrum disorder

Symptoms Of Autism Spectrum Disorder

What are the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder?

The main symptoms of autism spectrum disorder are:

1- Social media challenges.

2- Repetitive stereotyped behaviors.

Symptoms of autism spectrum disorder begin in early childhood, some may not be recognized, and they may persist and interfere with the daily life of the individual with autism spectrum disorder.

How is autism spectrum disorder diagnosed?

Through professional healthcare providers using a checklist from the two categories above. The scale reflects the severity of autism spectrum disorder and the amount of support it needs in daily life.

  • Many individuals with autism spectrum disorder have sensory issues and may be hypersensitivity to sound, lights, food, smells, pain, and some other stimuli.
  • Autism spectrum disorder may be accompanied by some severe mental, health, and physical conditions.

Social networking challenges

Individuals with autism spectrum disorder face challenges and difficulties in verbal and non-verbal communication. For example, they may not understand or use language appropriately.

About one-third of individuals with autism spectrum disorder have nonverbal language such as:

  • Gestures.
  • Eye contact.
  • face features.
  • Tone of voice.
  • The expressions are not taken literally.

Social challenges can include difficulty with:

1- Recognizing the feelings of others.

2- Identifying the individual’s own feelings.

3- Expressing feelings.

4- Seeking feelings from others.

5- Feeling exhausted in social situations.

6- Exchanging roles in the conversation.

7- The appropriate distance between people.

Repetitive stereotyped behaviors

Stereotypic repetitive behaviors may vary from one individual to another and may include:

  • Repetitive body movements such as (shaking, rotating, etc.) running).
  • Repetitive movements with objects such as (car wheels, game stick).
  • Looking and squinting at the lights.
  • Restricted behaviors and patterns such as (describe things, Repeatedly touching things in a specific order).
  • Interest in specific topics.
  • Routine behaviors such as (same daily schedule, meal menu, Clothing , The Road).


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