Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility Services provided to persons with disabilities by Saudi authorities

Services provided to persons with disabilities by Saudi authorities

Services Provided To Persons With Disabilities By Saudi Authorities

Services provided to persons with disabilities by Saudi authorities

In this article, we will explain the great efforts made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in supporting people with disabilities and their families in several aspects, and we will address the ministries that provide direct services to people with disabilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These entities work to facilitate the quality of life of persons with disabilities and their families by providing health, rehabilitation and educational services to integrate and involve persons with disabilities in society.

  • Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development

It provides several services for people with disabilities, including:

1- Disability assessment service to benefit from the services provided by the Ministry to persons with disabilities.

2- Providing monthly financial aid to people with disabilities.

3- Bearing the financial cost for people with disabilities to attend day care centers.

4- Home health care service.

5- Providing rehabilitation services in comprehensive rehabilitation centers.

6- Providing financial subsidies to provide medical devices and auxiliary tools.

  • Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health provides many health services to people with disabilities in all fields with the aim of contributing to the development of their capabilities. Integrating and involving them in various aspects of public life, Reducing the negative effects of disability. The state guarantees the rights of the person with disabilities to prevention, care and rehabilitation services. The Ministry also provides many services to people with disabilities, including:

  1. Providing preventive, curative and rehabilitative services, Including preventive genetic counseling.
  2. Registering children who are born with a high risk of disability.
  3. Training health workers, as well as those who initiate accidents, on how to deal with the injured and treat them when transporting them from the accident scene to avoid physical disabilities.
  4. Training families of people with disabilities on how to deal with and care for them.
  • Ministry of education

The Ministry of Education is concerned with providing equal educational opportunities for students with disabilities at all educational levels through:

  1. Developing policies related to identifying and classifying students with disabilities.
  2. Developing scientific tools to identify and evaluate students with disabilities.
  3. Developing awareness and perception, and policy building, frameworks; To integrate students with disabilities into general education appropriate to their abilities within the least restrictive environments.
  4. Providing equal enrollment opportunities for equal and appropriate education in schools for all students with disabilities, regardless of gender, social background, economic/material background, geographical location, or the nature of the special need.
  5. Providing personalized learning opportunities that meet the special needs of gifted and creative students.
  • Authority for the Care of Persons with Disabilities

The Authority for the Care of Persons with Disabilities is responsible for doing everything necessary to achieve its goals. Among these are the following:

1- Developing policies, strategies, programmes, plans and tools, Which achieves the objectives related to the Authority’s projects, including allocating what concerns persons with disabilities, In accordance with the established regulatory procedures, And follow up on its implementation after its approval in coordination with the competent authorities.

2- Determine the necessary roles for agencies with regard to persons with disabilities, And remove this in accordance with the established legal procedures, And follow up on it.

  • Ministry of Sports and Culture

The Ministries of Culture and Sports provide support for sports and cultural activities for persons with disabilities and organize their participation in relevant international competitions.

  • Ministry of Information

The Ministry of Information, through its means – visual, audio and print – provides awareness in the following areas:

  1. Definition of disability, its types, and ways to detect and prevent it.
  2. Enhancing the social status of people with disabilities and introducing their rights.
  3. Urging entities to fund projects that serve people with disabilities.

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