Practical Functional Behavior Assessment Interview - Open Questions

Research confirms that behavioral problems occur for one or more reasons, and one of the effective ways to intervene and reduce behavioral problems is to know the reasons for their occurrence by conducting a functional behavioral assessment. The procedure consists of several methods and usually begins with collecting information about behavioral problems indirectly through interviews and questionnaires with people surrounding the child, such as parents, specialists or teachers. This digital model helps collect information about behavioral problems through interviews to explore the reasons for their occurrence.

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أسئلة تساعد في تصميم فترات اختبار التحليل الوظيفي

Developed by Gregory P. Hanley, Ph.D., BCBA-D (Developed August, 2002; Revised: August, 2009)

Translated to Arabic by Fahad Alnemary, Faisal Alnemary, Ruqia Humaid Aldeen

Converted to digital form by Seven Dimensions Team

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