Path program - development stage

Developmental developments at the age of one year

Social side:

  • He likes to hand things over to others and also plays.
  • He may have tantrums
  • Shows affection to familiar people
  • Simple imaginative play, Like feeding a doll
  • They may cling to caregivers in situations
  • Explores alone but with parent nearby.

Communication aspect:

  • Says several single words
  • “No,” he says and shakes his head.
  • Points to show someone you want

The cognitive aspect (learning, thinking, and problem solving)

  • Knows the purpose of ordinary objects for example a phone, Brush.
  • A doll or stuffed animal shows interest by pretending to feed dots to one part of the body.
  • He scribbles on his own.
  • Can follow one-step verbal commands without any gestures e.g. sits when you say sit

Movement/physical development:

  • He walks alone
  • Go upstairs
  • Pulls out toys while walking
  • She can help undress herself.
  • He drinks from a cup
  • He eats with a spoon
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